Purchasing  a new Toughbook  may  NOT BE  WORTH THE PRICE.   First off,  if you need a i7 Processor, then get a laptop with the i7 Intel Processor.  BestBuy sells a 1 TB Dual SSD 16GB RAM Laptop at $1600.00 with Tech Support a piece of  junk outdoors but when are you really outdoors with a laptop (coffee shop not included).  The equivalent machine in a Toughbook CF-31 runs $4500.00 with just 8GB RAM and only  1 SATA drive.  A way to expensive outdoor Laptop.

Learn how to build / restore your own Toughbook.  If you need Durability get a CF-30 MK2. Don't mess around, both the Asus and the CF-31  run Windows 7 and Windows 8. They have every feature  and both  can play shooter games, however If you are in a Police vehicle and think a CF-31 will save time....it will…3 seconds max.  

Going to the Jungle to find the cure for cancer. Bring a CF-30MK2  or CF-19MK2. Not the NEW  CF-19 or CF-31. You have no program that requires the i5 or i7 when doing research.  Not even Gold Exploration or the Military have programs running Win 8.  Next:  Replacement, if you need to insure a Laptop, you've spend to much.  Costa Rica, Bolivia and Mexico is where it's going to be nabbed. 

Though they are the toughest laptops on earth, try this, open up your laptop as step on the LCD.  IT's GOING TO CRACK.  TOSS YOUR LAPTOP OUT OF THE CAR ROLLING AT 5MPH, IT WILL CRACK.  The images of the elephant and tiger beating up the CF-31 in the Panasonic Add, destroyed (DESTROYED) the laptop.   Look  HERE and see the broken CF-31.  (Broken due to shipping)  The laptop was in a box with bubble rap......bubble wrap,  WHAT HAPPENED?  It was dropped.   Yes they are tough, but not that tough.  Now look up the Refurbished CF-30 MK2 like those at  www.PanasonicToughbooks.net.  Toughbooks just as functional but 1/5th of the cost.  The Magnesium metal LCD is a very brittle metal.  The LCD's crack,  Place the CF-31 on a rock bed near a stream and you'll scratch and puncture the bottom.  The Key's pop off easily and the fins on the CF-19 crack at the screw holds.  Be careful with a NEW TOUGHBOOK.  Not one reseller will back damage, your warranty only covers, limited internal flaws, never exterior.  Crack your LCD, your out $450.00.  Puncture the base, your out $300.00.  Even the speaker gets wet then sounds distorted.  Now look at the USED CF-30.  These machines have the same warranty, same size HDD, Same Gel Filled Caddy, Same KB, Same LCD, same Optical Drive, Same USB ports.  Just a newer video card, more ram and a updated Intel Chip. 

PanasonicToughbooks.net will teach you how to look for and find a decent laptop.  If you have a working relationship with your local Fire Department, Police Dept, City Officials, Govt Agencies operating in your area, call them.  Ask for their IT guy, let them know you are interested in buying used equipment.  Most get you the number of the person to call and most will direct you to the person who can offer you the products for a decent price. 

Use caution when buying from eBay, these are the people who buy BULK pallets of Govt. Surplus Laptops seen  HERE.  They then "fix" them and turn a $ by selling stuff like  THIS.  The profit margin's are 70-100%.   However, you can do it yourself.  Find a laptop, then the caddy, buy the HDD separate. Most laptops come withtheir Optical drives and Batteries inside.  For $300-$400.00 you'll have everything you need,  Next is the Original OS and Driver Disks.  That's where PanasonicToughbooks.net comes in.  Send us an eMail at ContactUs@PanasonicToughbooks.net and we can provide the disks.  Your second option is the send us the HDD, with the make and model of your TB, we will burn in the OS and the Worlds Best TB Software seen HERE

 If you require a GPS, we can help out as well.  Send us your HDD, your make and model, and we will install the drivers, and give you the hardware.  Just plug in your custom GPS into the side port and your driving through the Mountains and getting Turn-By-Turn directions seen HERE.  Thanks to Black Hawk USA, you can Do It Yourself .  We will walk you through painting, types of Paint, restoring the Touch Screen and installing the Back Lit KB. 

Black Hawk Toughbooks USA supplies tough computers and accessories at great prices, Our Toughbooks are perfect for outfitting crews with top of the line technology that withstands every job throws its way. When Tough Isn't Enough Black Hawk Toughbooks USA gets going. Our experts a www.PanasonicToughbooks.net only work with rugged Panasonic Toughbooks & accessories. Here at Black Hawk USA, we only supply equipment that can stand up to the toughest jobs.  We've always got your back. Black Hawk Toughbooks doesn't call it quits after the sale. With an industry leading service team, we make sure we've got you covered if things get a little too tough for your products. We work hard to get you back in the game. Rugged is a way of life whether an outdoorsman or protecting the US Border. No seller one has a wider selection of products or a better service team than Black Hawk Toughbooks USA We're dedicated to helping find the right solution for you.                             To purchase a Toughbook, click the link here for models, prices and shipping.

Black Hawk USA was founded in 2009 supplying  modification and  sales services  for computer PC laptop upgrades.  www.PanasonicToughbooks.net  partners with the leading hardware, software and wireless providers to offer complete mobile computing solutions to the federal government-including the armed forces. Our Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers are highly reliable and durable, and federal agencies rely on the lower total life-cycle cost (TLC) we provide. Dependable Toughbook mobile computers from Black Hawk Toughbooks USA offer the lowest downtime in the industry  allowing government agencies and the armed forces to concentrate on serving and protecting the nation.  Panasonic Toughbooks also have the lowest  total cost of ownership  Federal government agencies and branches of the military are often challenged to work with the same limited resources as other large enterprises. Dependable mobile computers can help agencies be more productive. Rugged and reliable Toughbook mobile computers stay operational longer and require fewer repairs, which equates to a lower total life-cycle cost and greater return on investment (ROI).  Comparing internal Panasonic data with competitor data as reported by PC Magazine.....

Black Hawk Toughbooks  provide  the most comprehensive Panasonic Toughbook Software Package available. (CLICK HERE) Programs installed in each Toughbook Laptop for sale include DeLorme Street Atlas with Turn-by-Turn Directions, GARMIN TOPO USA™  GPS Maps, Microsoft Office™ and more. Our Toughbook Batteries for sale  average 4+ hours of power (THE BEST BATTERIES  IN THE LAPTOP INDUSTRY).  Extras include a Touch Screen,  Back Lit Keyboards GOBI Communication Cards and more.  Nothing needs to be added. Our Black Hawk Toughbooks can link to  iPhones using PDA-Net, a  Blue Tooth connecting , turning your iPhone into a wireless modem.  Whether in the Jungles of Brazil or on K2, You now can watch movies, play shooter games, create videos, upload / download files and docs anywhere in the world.... just  flip the switch.

Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computers rarely fail. In fact, Toughbook mobile computers are nearly ten times more reliable than standard business laptops. PC Magazine, in its May 2011 issue, reported an industry average failure rate of 15%. Panasonic's service records (as of June 2011, for units in and out of warranty) show an average annual failure rate of only 2.4% for Toughbook mobile computers.* Panasonic offers a complete line of Toughbook mobile computers built to deliver wireless-ready mobility, daylight-readable touchscreens and integrated GPS that can stand up to the any harsh, environments faced by government workers and military personnel.

Black Hawk USA set its main focus on the Panasonic Toughbook because its platform extends to approximately 70 percent of the entire Rugged PC Market.  Focusing attention to the re-engineering and refurbishing of  past present and future Toughbook models,  Black Hawk USA operates under ISO-9000 certified and MIL-STD-810.  Black Hawk Toughbook Laptop Computers adhere to standards necessary to repair and update  Panasonic Toughbook  function and performance.   Black Hawk Toughbook USA applies strict adherence  to OEM (original equipment manufacturing).

Black Hawk Toughbooks USA uses correct  technology allowing  life extension in the  Professionally Refurbished Toughbooks market.   A refurbished  Black Hawk Toughbook offers options like a Touch Screen LCD, Rubber  Backlit Keyboards, single or dual core Intel Processors, CF-18,  CF-19,  CF-29 and CF-30 models, re-certified extended batteries and optical drives and each machine uses  a  Rubber Knobby Protector     Black Hawk USA is located  in Northern California,  Black Hawk works with local companies in the Bay Area to supplying  customers the most state of the art PC navigation equipment. 

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